Dear Mr. Warriner’s

Your once bright red textbook served me well throughout my four years of high school and I learned more about grammar then a human could ever think possible. There were many times I wanted to throw you out the window, but after you survived the gum wrapper phase of sophomore year, I daresay we became ‘acquaintances.’ So thank you for all of your help for English classes, but as I’m starting college now, it’s time for a new evil in my life. I hope you understand. Sincerely, Me.

Exactly a week before classes start and I received my first, and so far only, required textbook. Meet The Longman Concise Companion, a manual of grammar, bibliography/annotations, and common language that is needed for my freshman college writing course. After a skim through, I have my fingers crossed that the years of intense grammar studies in high school will pay off and that the gap year I took has not failed me. The other courses that I’m taking fall semester are Drawing I, Design I, Sculpture I, and the Art & Design Freshman seminar. My studio classes are actually six hours long, but alas, that also means that they all start at 8:30am. You win some, you lose some.

Move-in is on the 27th and classes start on the 29th.


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