The Closest I’m Getting to California

The best surprise of my week, a collection of cute stationary my best friend from pre-college posted to me. They’re exactly the type of notebooks that I like too, lightweight and fine tipped. I’m not sure if I will get around to using them as the downfall of cute stationary is that often I feel as if it’s to be more looked at then to be used. It is probably a very good thing that my mother doesn’t let me use Muji’s online store; the amount of notebooks I would accumulate would be ridiculous.

On a different note I was supposed to move-in to the college dorms today, but because of the impending hurricane (tropical storm? I can’t keep up really) move-in was delayed until Monday while classes now start on Tuesday instead. Our Welcome Days schedules have also been postponed, although no one in our year has been privy to what the new schedule is going to be. Hurricane Irene is due to hit on Sunday, so fingers crossed that this state of emergency does not actually happen. New Yorkers are so jaded- we don’t believe anything until we see it.


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