Move-in yesterday was fairly non-hectic considering that the ‘hurricane’ had delayed everything; for the duration of the next year I am living in a converted triple (fancy talk for a double that the school is going to put three people into) with two other girls who are also art majors. Yes, the rooms really are that dark as there is no ceiling light. I’ve unpacked most of my stuff and feel fairly lucky that I don’t have classes today so that I can finish unpacking and organizing everything.

Everyone always talks about how excited they are for college. I admit, I am looking forward to being away from home again and the interesting things that will happen. As of right now though, I cannot help but feel incredibly nervous- doing well in classes, making friends…the usual. I will be the first to admit that I am very awkward when meeting people for the first time on such large scales.

Hopefully this is all just first week jitters (although I’ve been this nervous since about two-three weeks ago and the feeling has only increased in intensity). Sculpture I is my first class tomorrow and then at least I have an organized space to meet people in, instead of wandering around campus.

  1. Annee said:

    Welcome to college!

    Are you living in a dormitory though? Geez, now I seriously wish to have roomies. I have a double decker bed but I don’t have a roommate to share it with. That sucks. 😦

    Anyway, enjoy college! Woohoo! 🙂

    • Yeah, I’m living in one of the dormitories on campus; living with two other girls who both happen to be in the art and design program, even though we don’t share the same classes.

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