Meet My Six-Hour Thursdays

No photograph for this post since I have no time to take pictures of anything yet. Sorry for the serious lack of updates can be due to being a full-time busy college student (and this is only the first week? Eek!) There aren’t many social events yet and the homework is not as heavy as it could be, but it’s a lot more hectic then high school already. So, that being said, I had my most dreaded class today, Drawing 1. It actually was a lot better then I had expected, but more information about that in my next post (still have one class left of the week to get through.)

In the meanwhile please check out my drawing professor’s portfolio! Even though I’ve only had her for once class, she is definitely among the best drawing instructors I’ve ever had. Okay, I have to get back to an analysis of a Kurt Vonnegut story (i.e. science fiction) before I go to bed tonight, so have a good Friday everyone!


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