Feelings Are Only Natural

While other bulletin boards in some of the other dormitories and hallways have important information and helpful advice on them (such as how these meal plans work exactly), ours is a place to post anonymous embarrassing stories. Most of the dormitories have mixed floors, but we’re probably lucky since our hallway happens to be all girls– more bathrooms for us! I haven’t gotten to know TOO many people living in the hallway yet (there are A LOT of people), but the few that I have been talking to, I’ve thought are really nice.

I have a decent sized amount of homework to complete, but it’s nothing so horrible that I’d feel like I’m dying. So far the homework load is about on par with my high school, except that instead of 90% papers and 10% art, it’s now 90% art and 10% papers. Even though I’ve attended an intensive pre-college program where it was like that, it feels different knowing that this is how things are going to be for the next four years; I know that I really enjoy my art studies, but I am also just that nerdy that I enjoy learning in all the other disciplines.

The plan for the weekend is to go to Utrecht tomorrow morning/afternoon to get my art supplies for my three studio classes. There’s a festival/club fair on at school from 4pm-7pm that sounds promising; I’m looking forward to seeing what other clubs the college has to offer besides their infamous cheese club. Homework is going to prove to be prevalent, not necessarily because it’s all difficult, but because I have an opportunity on Monday to see my ‘meimei’ that I haven’t seen in a year and a half. I want to be able to have most of my homework done by then so that I CAN see her and not have to worry about finishing my sculpture or anything.

Have a good weekend!


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