Lack of Sleep

There was a club fair on the school lawn this afternoon which was somewhat of a disappointment; I expected there to be more clubs represented, but only a select few were. So far I have only joined the school literary and arts magazine and hopefully will get to help out with layouts. The upperclassmen at the booth tried to see if I was interested in a for-credit internship at the magazine, but sadly as I am only a freshman I’m not eligible.

Other parts of the day: my parents took me to Utrecht in NYC today to buy all of my art supplies for my studio classes; I love how even without my Art Smart card, their stock is still cheaper then the typical art store. School of Visual Art students are so lucky to have such a great store essentially right on campus!

I think that there’s another party in the apartments tonight as there was yesterday, but I’m not sure if I’m up for it yet. Besides that I haven’t been feeling that great today, I’m determined to not fall behind in my work right off the bat and not doing any homework yesterday did not help that determination. There will always be more parties in the future and they’ll probably be better because by then I can go with people I’m friends with. I’d say yay for sober saturdays, but in reality it’s more like sober weekends. (:


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