Belated Labor Day Weekend

To everyone living in America, I hope that you had a relaxing Labor Day weekend; to everyone living abroad, do not worry as you are not missing much.

Because my class on Monday was once again canceled (this time because of the long weekend and not a haphazard storm) and because a few of my best friends had not started their classes yet, I decided that it would be the perfect time to venture into NYC and see them. It was definitely a nice change of pace to get away from campus, even if I have only been living here for a week, and I especially loved seeing my friends again. Two of them I had not been able to see since my high school graduation so that was definitely the highlight of my weekend.

We did not do much of anything except for talk/catch up and I only managed to get in a few tourist-y campus photographs, but just seeing their faces made me smile. Already we have a few ideas planned in the future for the next time I come and see them. Being out of the country for a year has made me more determined then ever to keep in contact with people outside of the realms of social networking, as great a tool for keeping in touch as it can be. A year on solely relying on Facebook and Skype was a bit overwhelming…

Two more catch-up posts are coming!


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