Memory Map

Make a sculptural drawing that describes “where you came from and how you got here.” The sculpture/drawing should be based somehow on the conventions of a map. You can interpret that idea any way  you like- be literal or be expressive, but show us some things about yourself. It could be a collage or a straight drawing, but it MUST have actual three dimensional elements in/on/with it. It must be on paper and it must be at least 3 feet in one direction. You may use any kind of paper and any other materials on the paper including found objects or photographs.

One of the first ideas that I had had was about how the lines in someone’s hand can read as a map- essentially palmistry. I wanted to somehow incorporate the concept of a hand map into my design, while also creating a piece that the viewer would have to step closer to see. Instead of using a typical adhesive such as glue, I chose to hand-sew and hand-bead the elements of my piece. In creating the map on my palm, I used lines such as the heart line and life line as major streets, places I  have lived as minor streets, and things that are important to me as various buildings. On the other side of the hand is a somewhat crude drawing of my hand itself. The string of beads further represents where I came from as both of my parents are from Hong Kong. In the ideal set-up my sculptural drawing would be suspended in the middle of the room instead of tacked into the wall, so that it is easier to view and so that the viewer can walk around it.


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