Coffee Makes Me Sleepy

On a mundane note: coffee. It’s something my parents are addicted to and definitely many of my friends. It’s something I managed to avoid fairly regularly and I’m still not all too fond of the taste (not to mention that it really doesn’t do anything for my tiredness.) Yet somehow I’ve ended up having two coffees this week alone. I’m hoping that this doesn’t become a regular thing– imagine how unhealthy/expensive a coffee addiction would be on top of my poor shopping habits.

(No photograph today, my bad…six hour studio classes tend to leave little time for picture-taking I’ve found.)

I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be up to this week, but homework is definitely at the top of the list. (Lately I’ve been getting this feeling that my life is so boring in comparison to my roommates’…either they have loads more friends or I have loads more homework or something because they never seem to be doing ANY. Roomies, you’re both great, but this is making me very self-conscious!) Happy Friday!


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