Perhaps My Sculpture Homework has Made Me Crazy

No classes for me on Tuesdays! Today, I took the train into NYC and met up with one of my friends that I hadn’t seen since to get my Super Junior 5jib A/B CDs, pay for my SMTown ticket, and to hang out. Whew, busy day. I was a bit nervous about leaving campus since I have a lot of work to still complete…but then I figure that it definitely is not going to get any easier so if I think I have a sliver of an opportunity to hang out with people, then I should just do it.

Anyways, we went to Wonjo’s on 32nd Street for lunch where we both ordered the bibimbap lunch special that came with spicy tofu soup. The waitresses there were so cute! My friend gave me my CDs before we ordered and since we had arrived a little bit before the lunch rush, the waitresses came over and expressed their interest that we listened to kpop; we told them that we listened to Super Junior and they knew exactly who they were! They seemed really interested in the album and kept pointing at different things on it. One of the waitresses pointed at Kyuhyun’s picture and asked if he was part of SHINee, but we explained that he was actually part of Super Junior. When they saw Siwon’s album photograph, there was definitely plenty of pointing and exclamations. ^^

After walking around for awhile, we came back to 32nd Street and had pat bing soo at Koryodang. I did not get a chance to take a photograph of the dish, but it was basically shaved ice covered in red bean paste, with a scoop of ice cream and some chopped up fruit/mochi. Aside from the cafe there was also a bakery in the front which I did manage to get photographs of. Such a cute place to eat at!

This is the point of the week where I begin to lose hope on my homework…and it’s only the fourth week. Aja aja!


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