Planear Sculptures

Sculpture hw/class, part one! (I’m splitting it into two posts since there were a lot of pictures and on two different topics.) I’m starting to feel as if all I talk about is my sculpture homework…I do have a lot of other homework! But it’s either non-photographic (graphite pencils do NOT photograph well at all…) or I don’t consider it well-done enough. What I like about my sculpture work is that, usually, it’s interesting to look at and even if it’s not, the process itself is something to talk about.

Our assignment was to take the object that we had used for the pasta and metal sculptures and recreate it with cardboard. The only limitation was that it had to be at least two feet (24 inches) in one direction. For a reminder of what I did for my pasta and metal sculptures, read here. I wish that my sculpture had been more accurate in terms of dimensions, but I liked how the scale turned out compared to how small the object itself originally was. (The keychain is smaller then my pinky finger, but this cardboard sculpture comes up to about my waist.) I think I promised a photograph of my object, but that…just has not been able to happen yet. Sorry. It’s kind of covered in plaster.

Part two to come tomorrow!

  1. This is friggin awesome. It reminds me of something out of Kid Robot!

    • Thanks! I had to relook up Kid Robot, but it made me smile ^^

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