Plaster Preview

Part two of my last post! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but my sculpture class is six hours long with a lunch break and on Wednesdays we also happen to have our art and design freshman seminar. This past Wednesday a few of us decided to stay in the studios after the seminar until 10-11pm so that we could work on our sculpture homework. Some photographs of what one of my classmates got up to during class/outside studio time and preview of my own work for the assignment!

Backlog of some posts, so they’ll slowly be coming in over the weekend! Dan Deacon is playing on campus in a ‘secret’ location tonight, so I’m hoping that I stop feeling under the weather enough to check it out as it’ll be a nice break from the full week of homework and lack of sleep. Although at this rate, I might end up calling it a day and going to bed at a reasonable hour since I can sleep in tomorrow and I don’t have to rush to finish homework either.

Have a good weekend!


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