First Look at Autumn

While I was at home today, I took a break from my drawing assignment to use my dad’s camera and take some pictures of the leaves starting to turn colour! It is not so apparent on campus yet, but everywhere I look in my town, I see trees slowly turning orange and leaves falling. Autumn is finally upon us, even though it still feels like an indian summer.

  1. nice page, rss following now and hope to see some similar posts soon.

  2. Tania said:

    I love this collage 🙂 it makes me feel like I am in London again walking through Hyde Park watching the colours change! Autumn is such a nostalgic and beautiful time of the year

  3. I really like this collection of Autumnal photos! I love Autumn so much and I think you captured it really well!

    • Everything is starting to look a lot more orange, too, so I think I’m going to have to take more pictures. Thank you!

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