Goodbye September

Listening To: Sixth Sense– Brown Eyed Girls

School life feels like it’s really starting to settle down– still meeting new people every weekend, but it doesn’t seem as pressure-intense and I think that helps. I’m also really enjoying my classes and assignments as much as they cause me pain; the other day I spotted the slightest of eye bags forming, somewhat causing a bit of a fit because I think I’m getting more sleep per night then I do at home, but I never get eye bags at home! (Ah, first world problems…)

Lots of sculpture work to do this weekend, so hopefully there will be a good portion of preview pics this weekend. We’re making plaster casts, but for some reason we’re making the plaster casts out of the plaster molds from last week; it really is not that good of an idea and if you’re planning on making casts, do not put plaster on plaster unless you really grease up your mold with vaseline.

While I was working on my assignments this week, I spent a lot of  time listening to the Brown Eyed Girls’ fourth studio album, Sixth Sense, especially their title track (video at top of post.) They’ve been off of the Kpop scene for about two years and have spent a long time producing the album between solo activities during 2010 and scrapping entire albums earlier this year. All of their hard work has definitely paid off as it’s one of the strongest albums to come out of 2011 and a great follow-up to their previous work. The music video is also open to a lot of different interpretations and I love a MV that can make me thing; gratuitous profile shots are nice, but the messages that the MV is trying to get across really make it stand apart from other ‘dance’ MVs. It’s in Korean, but I definitely recommend giving it a listen!

Happy end of September!


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