Sugar and Spice

Despite the less than stellar weather today, I spent the afternoon in the Chelsea area in Manhattan. I’ve only been there whenever I needed to go to Utrecht to buy some art supplies, but since I needed a refill of bristol paper and since an assignment that’s due on 02 November is set in the Chelsea area, it made sense to walk around a bit. (I don’t want to give too many details on the project since I actually do not know quite what I want to be doing for it yet!) I’m going to go back on another day when it is not so rainy, but I liked what I saw so far– interesting clothing options, definitely, as I saw a woman wearing a dress made entirely out of those cheap ‘Thank You” plastic bags that one gets from take-out restaurants and the like.

It’s only the first week of October and already the temperature has dropped compared to earlier this week; hopefully it’ll stay consistently at this level as I am rather ready for autumn. (I went into a grocery store and there was an overwhelming scent of cinnamon and pumpkin spice, truly a sign that it is no longer summer.) Bring on the pumpkin pies, jack-o-lanterns’, and Halloween decorations! It’s going to be a super busy month, what with midterms, the SMTown NYC concert, my birthday, and Fall Fest, so any type of sleep is gonna be needed.

Something that I have to start thinking about is what courses I want to take next semester. Registration is not until November, but all of the art and design freshman have to answer a poll about what elective (we only get to choose one, as our other four courses are further required foundation courses) we’re thinking about enrolling in so that they can put together class numbers. Our answer is not binding, but it’d be nice to have a good idea. So here’s what I’m allowed to choose between: Drawing II, Sculpture II, Photography I, Introduction to Intaglio and Silkscreen, Introduction to Litography and Woodcut, Direct Metal, or Introduction to Wood.

Which sounds interesting to you? They all sound interesting to me and I suppose that I will have a better sense of direction after midterms, but it definitely does not hurt to start thinking about it now. (:


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