Heart Chain

Using techniques learned in class, create a one-piece mold and a two-piece mold. The molds can be of hand-made clay objects or found objects and they do not have to correlate with each other. After making the molds, create a sculpture that has at least three copies of the two-piece mold and at least ten copies of the one-piece mold.

Our first two-week project! After a few sketches, I decided that I wanted to create an interlocking shape, so I actually made 2 one-piece molds (the links) in addition the the requirement of 1 two-piece mold (the heart.) All of the casts are made out of plaster and dusted/smudged with charcoal powder. The hearts have a mustard yellow embroidery string wrapped around them. An interesting factor of my piece is that it easily disassembles and assembles, so that it can be virtually placed anywhere. It’s also huge, scale-wise, so it demands attention in a more subtle way then if I had stacked everything.

I had a look at our syllabus this afternoon and you know what’s weird? There’s only eight classes left of Sculpture (and therefore only eight classes left for my other studio courses.) Essentially that means that there’s only eight weeks left of the semester and I’m quite sure that my eyes boggled at that– it’s already been six weeks, so the next eight are gonna fly!


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