Important Upcoming Assignment

First week of midterms is almost complete! Although I am lacking in the exam department, I have a midterm portfolio or major assignment (two-week long project instead of the usual one-week long) within the next two weeks. The upperclassmen keep warning us about final critiques at the end of semester, so I expect to see my sleep level drop even more. I’m still going through all of the photographs that I took from the field trip yesterday and gathering the names of all the artists that we saw, but those should appear sometime this weekend.

Something IMPORTANT. Our next assignment for drawing involves a collaborative piece(s) through the use of social media with the intention of at least 30-50 interactions. The goal of this project is to expand our ideas and challenge our notions of drawing and art by seeking input from our larger community. The route that I’ve decided to take is draw a “base”; in other words, I am going to make a simple drawing and post it right here on the blog. My hope is that all of you will take the image, add to it (whether through digital media or traditional mediums), and return your new version to me. There are some more specifics to come and, of course, the base drawing itself, but it would be fantastic if as many of you could participate as possible.

As the project is due in two weeks, I plan on uploading the base drawing by Monday with your new versions, hopefully, sent back to me by the 25/26th.

Have a great end of the week!


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