Social Media Collaboration Project

Finally! I think I said that I was going to try to get this base drawing uploaded on Monday, but because I was sick over the weekend it did not work out as planned…but here it is!

A reminder of what the project is: Create a collaboration using social media, such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, e-mail, blogs, etc. The goal of this project is to expand your ideas and challenge your notions of drawing and art by seeking input from your larger community.  Additional images of non-drawings are welcome. The average number of interactions should be about 30- 50 in two weeks. 

I have posted two versions of a drawing that I have made (colored and black/white) and I am inviting you to draw on it/add to it– it can be through photoshop, you can print it and add physically to it…ANYTHING. The end result is that there will be a chain of responses. Feel free to add one thing and then, for example, bring it to work and have each of your colleagues add one thing as well. It can go with the theme of the drawing or be something completely different; you can even alter the drawing it self by pasting/drawing on top of it or cropping it.

Once you are finished, you can (1) upload your image to imageshack (or any other image-hosting network) and post it in the comments, (2) email the image to me at, or (3) post it in this open Flickr group. (I think bigger versions of the base drawings are also at the Flickr group!!)

Since the project is due on 27 October, it would be absolutely lovely if all images could be sent in by 25/26 October. If you want to, please spread to your friends as well. Thank you and I hope that you have a lot of fun with it (:

  1. Such a great drawing, now I really have to admire your talent!XX

    • Awe thank you ❤ I hope you find a way to take part in the project!

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