Just Sunshine

Isn’t that such a cute idea for a bike rack? I saw it while we were walking around 26th street, looking at some galleries.

I’m sorry that I’ve been so ‘missing’ this week; I have no better excuse to offer other then living in the studios until 4am most nights and there’s no internet connection in that part of the building. So a brief summary of my week thus far: went to the wood shop for the first time on Wednesday and also got to use the cutting machines for the first time in my life– the smell of fresh cut wood is absolutely amazing! I finally thought of an idea for my assignment for freshman seminar so I’m looking forward to starting that as soon as I can. Today our drawing class had a field trip to Chelsea and looked at a bunch of drawing and painting shows (an upcoming post will be dedicated to it.)

A bit rushed and not written well, but I have a design assignment due tomorrow that I haven’t quite finished yet. BUT tomorrow will be an amazing game of catch-up, I promise.

P.S. Please remember to participate in my collaboration project! Information here (:

  1. a creative bike rack indeed! although i don’t imagine it’s too practical… not too many bikes would be able to fit onto it. but hey, that’s art – it can’t always be practical πŸ˜‰

    • True, the practicality of it is…not very high, but it’s nice to look at haha

  2. Sewon said:

    What an awesome bike rack! I want to participate in your social media project. I’ll see what I can come up with this week. πŸ™‚

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