Clay Transformation

Make five objects out of clay in which there is a visual morph from piece to piece (i.e. start with an apple and end with a skyscraper– invent the stages in between so that it an evolution that makes visual sense.)

This project was completed last Wednesday and I’m not sure why it took me so long to put up…I think I remain hugely unsatisfied with the photographs that I took during class this time around, but I haven’t had a chance to go back and take further documentation. So finally I’ve had to tell myself to just go and post it.

This project had a lot of sketchbook details so that we could make each of the transformations visually equal; some of my other sketches included a ‘N’ that turns into a bow and sunglasses that turned into a tennis ball. Ultimately I decided to go with the backpack turning into a skull. All of the pieces are actually hollow on the inside because the volume of it became such that there was no way I could carry the board with all five of them on it. Using techniques I learned in Australia about clay, I would make the main shape of the sculpture, split it in half and hollow it, and then piece it back together before adding more details.

A reminder that if you are participating in my social media project, the pieces are due on Wednesday! Thank you to everyone who has emailed me something (:

    • Ah, yeah, but they’re not…my finest work, haha. Thank you though!

  1. Sam said:

    Clay was my most hated art subject to work with because I’m terrible with 3D and prefer layouts and painting!

    • This is the only assignment this semester we have to use clay for and I think I’m definitely a bit thankful for that!

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