Pattern Preview

For my Design class.

You mean I’m in a class other then Sculpture? Inconceivable!

(I clearly need to watch The Princess Bride again…it’s also past 1am. Maybe I should go to bed soon.)

  1. Jess said:

    That is so cool, teach me how to draw? Hahah, you THINK I’m kidding, but I’m very serious. I can’t wait to see more! 🙂

    • Haha, it’s turned into such a process, I’m intrigued to see how the final patterns are going to turn out! Thank you, my drawing ‘skills’ have definitely improved since this semester started (:

  2. yeah! who doesn’t want to learn how to draw? That’s a great skill!

  3. Dana said:

    That’s a lovely draw 🙂

  4. Daniel said:

    nice blog, check mine out if you get a chance.

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