It’s Starting to Look A Lot Like Christmas

And that would be fine if, hm, it was December. Except that it is Halloween weekend. Admittedly I’m really excited especially as I went a year without seeing any snow since I was in Australia. It also makes for a really unique early birthday present from Mother Nature! Now, if only I had a proper coat and all would be dandy.

Thank you to everyone who helped with my social collaboration project and I hope everyone has a great weekend, snow or sun (:

  1. Jess said:

    SNOW?! I’m officially jealous. I want snow here in Vancouver, I hate that awkward transitional phase where it’s raining and freezing. 😦

    • I feel like it’s so weird that it’s snowed in northeasten America yet not in Vancouver. Hopefully you get snow soon!!

  2. Sewon said:

    I saw all the snow photos around on Facebook (my friends and family mostly live in D.C. and NYC), and I was so confused! It’s perfectly sunny here and no one’s wearing jackets this week!

    • It’s absolutely crazy! Last week when my mum told me that it was going to snow this past weekend, I thought that she was making it up, haha. And also quite strange to see other places…very sunny (I actually think LA is going through some sort of second summer, so what a juxtaposition!)

    • Snow is lovely, wish it snowed in Perth every once in awhile! Will check it out ^^

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