Wooden Obstacle Course

The premise is that our class was split into three groups of six and we each had to make a part of a long obstacle course that, when put together, would hopefully do some interesting things and take up to two minutes (as it turned out none of them met the the two-minute requirement and some even had some glitches when shown.) I have videos of each project, but I can’t figure out how to get the  videos off of my phone (if you know how to transfer a video from iphone to computer, please let me know!) The wood shop was great and the pieces were a lot of fun to make.

My section of the piece were the dominoes; I cut out 44 rectangles that were about six inches by three and a half inches big, rounded the tops and sides, punched holes in the bottom, and sanded a lot. While I was in the wood shop yesterday, I was contemplating what I could do with them and I think I’m going to paint/decorate them and make them into my Christmas cards for this year! It’ll be an ambitious project, but since the semester will be finished by the middle of December, I should have time to go about it.

  1. Sewon said:

    Wow, seems like a lot of work but very cool. Hand-cut wooden domino Christmas card? Sounds amazing. :] P.S. Happy belated birthday!

    • I hope it actually turns out okay! The dominoes can’t just sit around forever? Thank you (:

  2. hahaha,,,I hope you don’t mind I say that, but I think my son would really love to join your project:D

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