This past Wednesday all 130 of the art and design freshman headed to the Student Center and set up our first show– the Adopt-a-Stop project. Towards the end of September, everyone had been given a subway stop or area in NYC by their peer advisor in freshman seminar and had to arrive with a finished project by 02 November. The sky was the limit on the project as we could do anything we wanted as long as it was legal. Some people were particularly ambitious although many people ended up waiting until the night before to complete their projects– as long as we brought in a project, we pass the seminar.

The area that I was assigned was Chelsea. After walking around Chelsea for a few weekends, I decided to base my project both off of the photographs I had taken at the Chelsea Markets and off of my interest in typography. I’ve put photographs inside of words before, but I had never printed them especially on such a huge scale (about three feet by one foot.) The phrase was something I came up with after asking workers at the market what they liked about Chelsea; then, taking the student demographic into consideration, I put the same phrase into Spanish and Chinese.

Exhibition opening is from 4:00-6:00PM on Friday, November 11th in the Student Center Gallery.

  1. This sounds so innovative. Makes me really regret not studying practical art! xx

    • Ah, but I’m a bit worried about studying practical art…because the industry is so hit/miss… ^^

  2. Sewon said:

    Ohh your work is great! I like that the slogan is trilingual. 🙂

    • Hehe thank you! Yeah, I liked putting into different languages…it reminds me of an ad then just a regular art assignment? (:

  3. That is so interesting! 😀 What did the workers say they liked about Chelsea? And what sort of workers did you approach? I think it’s really great how you incorporated the ‘local sentiments’ into your project. Which school do you study at? Sounds like you guys get to do really interesting projects. (though how awesome is it that all you have to do is show up with a project to get a pass heh)

    thanks for your comment on my blog btw! 🙂 glad to have found yours.

    • I got a lot of comments about how lively the area was…especially at the markets during the weekend; some of the employees who weren’t originally from New York also mentioned how people in the area were well-recieving of them and helped them settle in. So that’s kind of how I settled on a phrase, I think because someone described the afternoons as ‘bliss-like.” I go to a state school in NY that has a really strong arts program; it’s the only class I have that for haha, everything else has weekly assignments that have actual grades lol xx

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