Tuesday Catchup

Reaching the stretch of school before the Thanksgiving holidays and the lack of sleep, I think, is starting to catch up to me. However, I have finally figured out a way to insert physical activity into my schedule, i.e. shotokan karate. I’ve taken martial arts before, but not this style, so it’s almost as if I’m learning something new (if only my body could remember that!)

On Friday we had a field trip to the MoMa for design class; the main exhibit that we had gone to see was ‘Talk to Me’, a special exhibit about technology and art. There were a lot of really interesting pieces, such as an old-fashiong Japanese styled stamp that had rotating punctuation marks on them so that the user can create many different emoticons. Another impressive display was a group of scientists who used people’s DNA to make specialized playing cards for the viewers so that they can play each other based on genetic data instead of the usual hearts vs. diamonds, etc. After lunch we also had time to check out the exhibit on Willem de Kooning; I’d studied his work in art history class in high school, but…wow. I always love seeing pieces in person after having studied it, but this was one of the most well put together exhibitions I’ve seen; there was a wide range of works from his entire career and the use of colour is just amazing.

I must get back to my drawing homework now, but tomorrow is going to be exciting; we’re working in the metal shop for sculpture class! Have a good rest of the week everyone (:


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