3.5 Goal

Course registrations are at the end of the week and, for lack of a better phrase, they’ve left me feeling high-strung. It’s not so much that I do not know what courses to take or that I am worried about not getting into courses…but the past week has made me realize even more how important my gpa has to be…and that in itself is where the stress begins because I’m about .5-.8 away from the gpa I need to be able to take extra classes.

It’s this tricky situation, art school. As much as I gripe about my assignments, I like what I’m doing/learning and that’s why I’m pursuing my Bachelor of Fine Arts. On the other hand, I have a high interest in East Asian Culture, but because of the demands/credit limits of my degree, it becomes near impossible to fulfill even a simple 20 credits in Chinese. They recommend that if one wants to take more liberal art courses then I should switch my degree program to Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts, but…it’s not like I want to take more sciences, maths, or literature– just Chinese and Asian Culture studies. Hm.

When I had a meeting with my advisor today, he decided that I was an over-acheiver (an example being that I needed at least five required events for my freshman seminar, but somehow I’ve ended up going to nine.) Perhaps I am, but in many ways I do not think that it is too early to be thinking about these things especially since I have the goal that I want to attempt to take more culture classes in two years, it is important that next year I give even more than I’m giving now.

  1. anisa said:

    Good for you! It’s great to think ahead but never over think it, just do what you love and love what you do! xxAnisa

    • Good choice of words and I will try to remember that (: Thank you!

  2. Sam said:

    I remember going through those stressful times choosing courses and making Plan A,B,C IN CASE if I didnt get my courses at 8am on the dot.

    While I would not subscribe this advice to everything in life, listen to your gut/heart when choosing your path. I initially was supposed to go into Interior Design but a part of me really wanted to do Fashion though I have no experience in it. Anyway I decided to do fashion and never looked back to think ‘what if’. As long as you pursue something you love, anything is possible because learning becomes fun and not work!

    • Thank you for the really lovely advice, Sam; right now I’m intending to go into Graphic Design, but as I don’t have the chance to take any design or typography classes until next year, it’s all a bit of a free-for-all for next semester.

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