Body Extension

One of the few assignments that overlap within all of the different sculpture sections for freshmen is the body extension project; the goal was to make an extension of our body that does something either real or fantastic or poetic (i.e. it could be a metaphorical action or it can be a practical action.) The piece had to be made in the metal shop and had to work, since we were ‘performing’ them. Right now I don’t have any photographs of it being worn because our next assignment is to make a video of our piece in action.

Although most of my classmates did practical pieces, I decided to create a metaphorical piece inspired by Alzheimer’s and my love for fashion. I knitted metal wire together to create a tangible metal ‘fabric’ that was ‘sewn’ to curved metal plates. This created a huge collar that I then attached several dog tags to; the dog tags had hand-indented letters in them to represent different things that the user would eventually forget, such as name, address, age. The vision was that after awhile, they’d be so many dog tags hanging off of the collar that it would create a ‘dog-tag shirt.’

At this point I’m really looking forward to going home for the few days off that the college lets us have for Thanksgiving holiday; being home can be boring at times, but it’s nice to be able to just sleep, catch up with high school friends, and eat food cooked by my mum. It’s also heading into the last month of the semester, so I have plenty of assignments that can keep me occupied.

Hope that everyone has had a good weekend!

  1. Wow, this is so amazingly intricate, thanks for sharing!

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