My Home that Keeps On Giving

(Sorry for the somewhat dodgy video– it’s the only one I could find of one of my highlights of Macy’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade)

Can Thanksgiving good cheer be a day late? I’m getting on the band-wagon a bit late, but I hope that everyone who partakes in the holiday had a great day filled with lots of food and relaxation with the family. I have a whole list of things that I am thankful for this year, but one in particular I want to share with you– being “home” with friends and family.

The dictionary defines “home” as the place where one permanently lives, but recently I’ve found that such a non-descript definition. For me home is mash-up of different things; it is the boarding school that I attended and the school I worked at in Australia. It is also the house that I’ve grown up in and the college that I’m still growing up in.

Sometimes my family and friends can drive me up the wall, as does circumstances in my life, but I’ve been lucky to have been in these great places that have provided the foundation blocks for me and lasting connections. I might not have a specific place to call home, but I know that when I’m with my family and friends is when I can consider myself “home.” Where are the places that you consider home?

Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. kani said:

    thanks for visiting my blog! ❤

    • Hope you had a good day too, even though there is no Thanksgiving in Aus…maybe more end of examination yay-ness? xx

  2. Totally agree, as long as I’m with people I care about I feel at home. I grew up moving loads and my family live all over the place but it’s when we are all together that I really feel at home. xx

  3. Sewon said:

    Ah, home is too many different places for me, too. These days I take pride in saying that I have homes all around the world with people I love and care about. Since I spent most of my time growing up in VIrginia and my family lives there, I consider it my “homebase” though I can’t imagine living/working there as an adult. xx

    • I like the idea of a “homebase”; I don’t know if I will end up living/working here in the future, but for now I also cannot imagine it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! (: (And yes, I have been enjoying being home from school!)

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