Getting There

Photograph from Whitewall Magazine.

In the midst of preperation for our final sculpture project of the semester, we piled into each others cars and trekked to a fairly new gallery called the Brant Foundation (it’s only it’s fourth show ever) in Greenwich, Connecticut. The gallery space is in a converted barn that was also once a polo club, so there is so much natural light that really shows off the pieces to a new extent. There was a little confusion about getting there (no one knew about the excursion until we arrived at class in the morning) and there was also a security guard at the gate to take everyone’s names and license plate numbers. (Art thiefs in the making??)

The David Altmejd show is definitely very unique and labour-intensive. A huge part of his work shows these deformed wolf heads that are covered in dyed hair and crystals, some even having cavities. He also transformed one of the rooms of the gallery into a room full of mirrors which gets a little confusing upon first entering the room, but they really do show off the works to their full advantage. (Alas, according to the woman who gave us the tour, that room does not photograph well at all.) I wish that I could have taken some photographs of the exhibit, but here is an article that describes the pieces in much better detail.

In other things…I just found out today that I got offered a job being a seasonal usher at the Performing Arts Center! Granted, it’s only for seven weeks, but I am excited to now have something to do over the holidays and to earn a little pocket money as I haven’t had a job in almost six months.

Hope that everyone’s weeks have been well so far!



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