Canopy of Dreams

Hi. Long time no see. I’m still alive, barely, and putting sweat and tears into everything I’m making lately, i.e. the result of my first college finals week. That’s me in the third block of photographs, a bit disheveled and suffering from severe sleep deprivation.

For our final sculpture project we had to make a sculpture that included both an image(s) and an object(s) in which the image and the object are actively engaged with each other. There were no limitations in size or content and we could use any material that we wanted, including anything we’ve already used in class and found objects.

Something that I have been trying to include in my work is the usage or inspiration from fashion such as in the first project where I sewed paper together or in the metal project where I made a vaguely wearable knit collar. Combine that with that idea of having to look up at the image, it made sense to construct a canopy (75-inch circumference, 24-inch diameter.) Around the ring at the top, I cut several hundred squares and sewed them on to make ‘flowers.’ By keeping the canopy itself a gauze fabric, I’m forcing the viewer to interact/enter the piece– there’s a sense of entering something private even though it’s really not private at all as everyone else can see the person inside it. The image in the canopy is of ink drops in water and smoke that I merged and edited in Photoshop; it added a pop of colour that my piece was missing along with adding to the non-literal nature of the piece.

A product of over sixteen hours of work (possibly the most time I’e spent on an assignment), the piece is something I’ve grown quite fond of. The rest of the agenda: I have two final portfolio reviews left and then I’m on holidays for six weeks. Have a great rest of the week! xx

  1. qin said:

    wow, so much work1!

  2. If my bed wasn’t in the corner of my room, I’d put in an order of one! hahaha
    It looks sooo goood!! Very elegant, I love it!!
    You did an awesome job! A very very awesome job!

    • The fruits of pain finally appear, Lucy! Glad that you finally got to see it in full ^^

  3. Very dreamy, would make a fantastic photoshoot prop!

  4. Angie said:

    that is one beautiful canopy! i love the flowers on the ceiling. have a lovely week and holidays too!

    • Thank you very much, hope that your week has been well so far (:

  5. anisa said:

    WOAH! Suuuch a cool canopy! I wish I had one of those! xxAnisa

  6. Sam said:

    This is absolutely ethereal. You should put it over your bed once you’re done with it!!!

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