Sweet Dreams

It may be the reign of the digital age, but I think that many of us can agree that there is no feeling like receiving something in the mail; the anticipation of knowing that something is coming and finally having it…definitely one of the loveliest feelings I’ve had this week!

Parcel of goodies above sent by my dear friend Fiona in Australia: kpop paraphernalia, Cadbury’s, and, my favourite, the musical booklet from the Korean musical adaption of Temptation of Wolves. I’ve heard that the musical itself is a bit confusing, but if you like to watch foreign movies, you have to add the original Temptation of Wolves movie to your list.

Thanks for some sweet holiday well-wishes! I’m really glad to hear that everyone had a great Christmas (:

  1. I need to watch more Korean musicals Ive missed so many!

    • Generally, I watch a lot of Korean dramas, but only because I have no access to Korean musicals. If I ever get to go to Seoul, I want to see one though!

  2. alicia said:

    Hahahaha, I remember when this movie came out. I nicknamed two of my friends in my phone Chung Taesung and Ban Haewon. Their names are still there like that to this day.

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