(Black and white gelatin print, 35mm film, 2009)

My theme for 2012 is Experimentation.

Going into each year with a specific sense of focus is always helpful; I started using themes while I was in high school and although I did not have a specific one in 2011 (in general it was to make the most out of my gap year), I thought this would be a good chance to create themes again. It may already be past New Years, but it’s never to late to come with a few goals for one’s self.

I’ve generally found that New Years resolutions do not work because we’re holding ourselves up to much higher than our expectations and then fall into our usual routine. Themes are a good way to combat that because after making your goals, it’s helpful to also write down small steps to accomplish that mission and why the goal is so important in the first place.

Some goals I have for 2012:

1. Wellness– exercise regularly and lead a healthier lifestyle. This is not so much about losing weight, but about becoming more fit. During high school I had several hours of sports practice each day and after graduation, there have been these long periods of inactivity. I’ve already signed up for a dance class at school and hopefully, even after the class ends, I can stay motivated to stay active. (Also, I tend to have no hand/foot coordination, so does this also count as trying something new?)

2. Blogging– create more non-studio-related blog posts. When I started blogging in August, I did not think that I would enjoy it so much. What I have noticed the two weeks I’ve been at home, however, is that my posts are very heavily entrenched in my studio work. I do not believe that there’s anything wrong with that, but I want to be able to keep actively blogging throughout my school breaks when I’m not constantly in-studio.

3. Learning– begin studying a new language. Something that I have really learned to regret these past few years is that my parents did not teach me enough Cantonese; many of my friends are bi-lingual (if not almost tri-lingual) while I only know English fluently. I have taken French and Latin before, but I’m not fluent in the former and unless I switch my major to science, the latter is of little use (although Lorem ipsum…). I’m still debating what language I should go for, but it is seeming like a decision between Mandarin or Korean.

This year I want to keep moving in the direction of sense of self by taking more risks and trying harder to not second-guess myself, over think, or play it safe both inside and outside of the classroom. Perhaps being outside of my comfort zone will not be so scary after all, but I certainly won’t know until I try.

To quote a comment from Jen in my last post: “Make it epic!”

Have a great rest of the week! (:

  1. it’s toasted ducks in the picture? hehehe…

    Good plan for the new year.. Make it Epic, girl!!! 🙂

    • Haha yes! My friends and I had gone to an Asian supermarket near school and I just randomly took photographs. Thanks Hallie, I definitely will try 😀

  2. Sam said:

    I guess one of the reasons why we lose sight of our new years resolutions (despite good intentions) is that we don’t have an overall vision of our life. Instead we try to fit into our resolutions that seem rather displaced from our existing lifestyle rather than creating resolutions based on a higher overall goal in life which is essentially our calling.

    • Mmm, what you’re saying does make sense. I think trying to find a resolution that does fit in with one’s existing lifestyle would help people keep sight of them. Thank you for sharing such an insightful comment! (:

  3. Tania said:

    I think specific resolutions are hard to stick to because we try to take the same issue, as last year and do it again, without changing the approach blindly banging our heads against the same problem. The key is don’t think of it a s a new years resolution. Pick two things get your friend to do dance with you that way it will be harder to miss the classes and then take Mandarin classes with a group. Think of both as 1 month or 2 week trials. I think forced long term planning just scares people (it scares me), and leaves you destined for failure. Happy new years hun… Cannot wait to see your new posts, although I love learning about your projects!

    • That’s true and definitely why I’m trying to keep it simple by experimenting more; I don’t know where I’m gonna be this time next year (I’m nervous to find out too.) It’s a good idea to do things in a group though! I’m not sure if I’d be able to convince my friends to take a language with me, but dance class hopefully! (Although for the dance class, it’s for credit too, so that’s part of the motivation not to drop it!) I’m glad you like learning about the projects, have a great rest of the week! (:

  4. qin said:

    have a great year 🙂

  5. Angie said:

    we have similar hopes and dreams! 🙂 i do realize that new years resolutions almost always become neglected within a few weeks but this year i feel oddly optimistic for once. at least we good intentions to be a better person, right? thanks for the photography tip btw. i like your simple theme for this year and am inspired to experiment!

    • Yay! I’m feeling just as optimistic as you, so hopefully we both experiment grandly, haha. And no worries, I hope the tip helps! (:

  6. We have similar goals for 2012. Goodluck to both of us! 🙂


  7. Great resolutions – definitely some great reminders in there!

    Happy New Years. xx

  8. I love the idea of themes, and I think experimentation is a great one. Good luck!

  9. This is great! It’s fantastic that you’re planning on experimenting in 2012 and I wish you all the best for the year and hope it’s amazing 🙂

    • Hehe, thanks Whitney! Hope you have an amazing year as well (:

  10. The idea of choosing themes each year is really smart! I agree, it’s really hard and disappointing when you can’t live up to your New Years Resolutions for long 😦

    I’m going to give it some thought and choose my own theme too 🙂

    Jennifer ❤

    • Good luck! I’m sure you’ll pick something really suiting that will work out xx

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