Eclectic Patterns

(Images via FashionGoneRogue)

There’s something crazy about the print in the jacket Du Juan is wearing for the January cover of Style Singapore and there’s absolutely nothing like it in my closet…but in the spirit of all things printed and all things blazer-ed, I’ve found myself growing fond of it all afternoon. The outfit below is also one of my favourites from the shoot. View the rest at the source.

Have a lovely weekend!

  1. Sam said:

    The blazer is nice (though it’s not my style)- very suitable for editorial! I love Du Juan- she was one of the first ‘It’ models from China and she has such gorgeous features although in China they consider her very plain!

    • That’s such a shame that they consider Du Juan very plain, I think she’s simply wonderful in the photoshoots I’ve seen her in and she’s really one of models heralding in other Chinese models.

  2. alica said:

    I’m not a huge print person, but this bombardment of floral is making me want to rethink my color palette.

    • Even if I wore prints often, it doesn’t seem likely that I could pull off something like this…but the colour palette in it is quite nice, I agree xx

  3. Jen H said:

    I’m in love with the sweater she’s wearing in the bottom picture. It’s making me crave some navy right now 🙂

    • The sweater makes me feel more welcoming towards that mucky in-between winter and spring phase, haha. Navy is quite a nice colour!

  4. So beautiful! I’ve been spotting floral printed jackets popping up all over the place recently… I’d love a biker style one for spring! xx

  5. qinn said:

    omg my friend designed the fashion illustration on the cover ❤

    • Seriously? Qin, that’s so cool! Your friend did a great job!

  6. anisa said:

    Such great mix matching, the colors and patterns are phenomenal together. xx

  7. jamie A said:

    the model is pretty! i kinda like the colorful print on the blazer…it makes me think about how i could wear it!

    • I’d imagine it could go with a lot of different things because of the colour palette (:

  8. carla said:

    pretty girl, she’s rocking it ❤

  9. AHHH!!! I LOVE that blazer so so so much and the long sleeve top and pants! I saved both these pictures to my computer for future inspiration! You have a great eye! ❤ 🙂

    • Haha, awe thank you! Yeah, the photographs are also in my mood board folder (:

  10. love love love the patterns!!! i heart both outfits! that model is super gorgeous! ❤


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