I’ve been living in the studios like a mad woman, but at least we finally got to the darkroom in the photo class. The last time I used film was in 2010, so although I’m a bit rusty, it’s been nice to relearn the controls of the camera (although it probably makes a DSLR climb higher on my wish list.) There’s something to be said about black and white film that colour film cannot compare to.

Happy President’s Day weekend (to anyone living in the States!) I’m going home this weekend so between some shoots and other homework activities, I’m hoping I can take part in a sale or two. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! xx

  1. i agree..there is just something so beautiful about black and white

  2. anisa said:

    I’ve always wished I learned how to use a SLR, there is just something about printed photographs that makes you ooh and ahh. xx

    • The ooh-ing and ahh-ing is definitely a plus…and I rather like digital prints as well (selfish reason– it’s better for my eyes anyways.) If you get the chance, you should try to learn, it’s not immensely difficult (:

  3. Sewon said:

    Ohh how fun! I can’t wait to see more of your prints. ❤

  4. can’t wait to see your pictures:) have a great week!

  5. gorgeous 🙂 hope you’re having lots of fun in the dark rooms ❤ love your blog

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