Daily Daily

(Ralph Lauren sweater, Gmarket shirt, F21 skirt, Dotti Belt, Vintage Boots)

Ever since I came back to America this past July, I’ve begun to enjoy being the smallest person in my family…if only because it lets me earn ownership of garments that my mum no longer fits such as these boots. A few years ago she got rid of a lot of her clothes from the 80s/90s because she didn’t think that I’d ever want them (when I was in middle school I basically wore polos and flare jeans every weekend), so you can imagine how distressed I was to find that out! Still, the things she has kept I’ve definitely gotten to love as my own. Mothers’ closets can really be wonderful troves!

After classes on Friday, I took one of my friends to a spot I had found while out shooting for photography class (note: 35 mm camera) so that we could take some outfit photos. She’s rarely used a camera before and had a hard time with my point/shoot, but I still think she did a lovely job! (Thank you Hanoi!) Other things: I went home this weekend…had some staff meetings for The Submission (the on-campus, student-run literary/arts publication)…and have otherwise been living in the studios. I have some Extended Media assignments to post up (previews are usually posted on my Twitter now, so you should follow me for quicker updates!)

I hope that everyone has had a lovely start to the week! xx

  1. Sam said:

    I love a very office-style skirt paired with a relaxed T-shirt like the combo you are showing here. You sound super busy with all the staff meetings and assignments- good luck!

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