Super Sonic

Completed. Each square is 10 x 10 inches. Citrasolve solution, Black ink, BFK Rives paper.

It was officially spring yesterday after what feels like forever! For the most part, the past few days has been absolutely lovely, weather-wise. It makes being stuck in a basement for photography class a bit difficult sometimes, but I couldn’t be more pumped– after such a non-existent winter, it only makes sense to get some warm weather with that sun. I love how the good weather seems to be inspiring so many other students as well; the quad is already filled with people every afternoon and in such good moods too. I have my last midterm tomorrow (yay!) and the good weather couldn’t have come at a better time.

At some point a few posts ago, I think I expressed my desire to use the scanner to produce images of my work instead of my sometimes-not-reliable camera; as of now, the quality of the images are a lot better post-scanner, so as long as I’m producing work that is small enough to be scanned, that’s what I’m going to try to do (with the exception of any work that has more 3-d aspects to them.) My theme is still ‘tangle/tangled’ for these monoprints and the interesting thing about them are the  images underneath the layers of ink; using photographs that we had scanned into the computer, we transferred them to the paper using citrasolve.

Happy mid-week!

  1. I am literally dying to visit your part of the world!!!

    • I really hope you get the chance to one day, you’d love it!

    • That would be so interesting! Yes, I definitely think they’re a stronger as a set than separate as well (:

  2. Dana said:

    This are absolutely beautiful ❤

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