(Sharing some Lee Minho for Trugen with all of you because looking at well-dressed Asian men is a good way to start the weekend– Image via Trugen)

Hi. I’m alive even if it seems like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. Aside from updating on my Instagram here and again, I know I’ve basically let any updating slide into the gutter and I am sorry for that. However, despite not sharing any artwork here in awhile, I came off of spring semester feeling fairly successful (although quite sleep deprived) and now, not only am I fully-rested, but I’m excited to share some of the pieces that I’ve made in the past few months. This past semester pushed me further both mentally and creatively and I’m somewhat pleased to say that when I look back on my entry portfolio for acceptance into the program, I cringe at the lack of finesse in the work (though my work can certainly use a lot more maturing!) There’s a lot of prints to finish scanning, negatives to archive, and a small book project that was my hell for the last three weeks of the semester but eventually became a piece I’m very proud of.

Cheers for a good weekend everyone!

  1. Sounds like you’ve been crazy busy with so many exciting projects. Hope you got to take it easy this weekend at least? xx

    • Yes, been keeping my hands busy and finally taking a bit of a break– I actually have work most weekends, but it’s Monday and so time to take it easy in my schedule for sure (:

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