June Quickcap

One of my co-workers pointed out that despite the myriad of events during the school year, May is staunchly dance company galas and June is basically graduation month. My experience with attending graduations isn’t very high, but now I can say that I’ve seen more caps and gowns that are necessary and heard ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ more times than ever–although kudos to the one school for playing One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ three times in their graduation (that being said, it was a moving up ceremony for fifth graders.) One parent did take a picture of all of us putting together programs and hanging out backstage though, lest anyone believes we just stand around as security detail.

However, I was super happy to be able to attend the graduation at my alma mater and not only congratulate some of my friends but to also see fellow alumna and former teachers. The memories I created there are among the loveliest I have and stepping on campus reminded me of everything I loved about the school. And having worked several graduations since this one happened, I think my high school has the most beautiful graduation ceremony EVER.

(Westover Class of 2012– each showing their individual style in their white dresses.)

(The underclassmen wearing the traditional ‘sailor’ uniforms for special occasions.)

(Marching out to the athletic fields.)

(Singing Auld Lang Syne.)

(Congratulations Class of 2012!)

  1. Alysha said:

    Congratz on graduating! i love 5th photo, beautiful xx.

    • Haha, thank you, but I didn’t actually graduate! These are some of my former schoolmates (:

  2. Ester said:

    oh this looks like such a beautiful cerimony 🙂

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