Green Visuals

Here’s some in-person botanical garden inspiration. Travelled upstate last week, no itinerary or any plans. I’ve finally gotten around to banking on student prices for things and it’s wonderful.

(Using this photograph as a starting point for a new piece.)

(Cutest thing I’ve seen all week!)

Happy belated Fourth of July!

  1. xixia said:

    These are beautiful pictures! The colors are great – if you touched up your photos at all, then kudos bc you really brought out the colors.
    I especially like that picture of the koi fish. They’re one of my fave animals. 🙂
    ♥ xixia

    • I think koi fish are absolutely beautiful, wish I got to see them more often! Thank you (:

  2. Hallie said:

    Always like to see garden/green things like these, make me happy:)

  3. Anisa said:

    SO gorgeous! The greenery is amazing. I would love to check a botanical garden out myself, they’re beautiful! xx

    • You really should! I’m happy I was able to go since I hadn’t visited one in awhile, but they’re very calming too (:

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