Good Stuff

Handsome People’s first album (‘Are You Handsome?’) has filled that part of me that continually yearns for some beautiful, easy-listening music. I think, perhaps, that their first single was stronger than this title track, but overall, strong album and I’m glad they’re back with new music.

  1. xixia said:

    Woah, this is a great song. Very chill. In the beginning, I thought this was an American song and was confused by the Korean in the title. They’re really cool – thank you so much for sharing. I love K-Pop and (Asian) foreign music in general. I’m going to have to try to listen to more songs by them. 🙂
    ♥ xixia |

    • Someone compared it to Maroon 5’s “Saving Jane” album. I can see it, yeah. I’d love to hear what kind of groups in particular you’ve been pulling music from (:

  2. alicia said:

    OK, I had no idea that Tei was a part of this group. I would’ve listened to it earlier! But their name sounded so sketch so I was skeptical that this would be worth my GB space. I’m loving their white suits, but this song is making me miss the skeevy hot nights in Seoul.

    • Right? The name is rather a turn-off, but Tei and the music makes up for it. It’s worth your GB space!

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