Cake for the Summer


The nice thing about being home for the summer holidays is having access to a functional stove, although I’ve learned that some of the suites in the dorm I’m residing in next year have kitchens (I know which people I’m befriending this year!) My mother and I made some coffee crumb cakes over the weekend; it’s a generic recipe but easy and quick to make if you don’t have too much time in the morning and aren’t feeling the cereal containers. This has also become my afternoon snack this week as my mother claims the reason I was sick last week was because I’ve been eating too much chocolate and general sweet items.

It’s okay, Mum! Next time I’ll add some fruit in the coffee cake!

  1. xixia said:

    Yummm I love coffee cake! Especially the crumbs on top (I think that’s my favorite part!). And hahah, pshhh too much chocolate and sweets can’t make you sick. That’s crazy (:P).
    ♥ xixia

    • Especially if one hasn’t actually eaten much chocolate or sweets since coming home from school, haha. But my mother likes to disregard such details. The crumbs are my favourite part too :3

  2. YUM!! Do you have the recipe of this?

    • Ooh, no, sorry– it’s one of those recipes my mum keeps locked up :/

  3. Lyana said:

    That looks reallyy good, makes me miss baking! Tho its kinda hot these days to crack open the oven.

    • Heat always seems to be the problem, definitely. But autumn coming up, so I sense some more baking in the future!

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