Fragments pt. 1

(Black/white 35mm film, MGIV Fiber Paper)

Here’s part one of the photography project I’ve been working on; I ended up selecting eighteen final prints, one of which I shared in my preview post. The theme that I looked for when putting together the end product was a sense of capturing and creating different dimensions of space. Most of my prints concentrate on the mechanisms of windows– the new worlds that they create not only through the reflections themselves but also by looking through multiple windows to create a chaotic living space. There’s an inherent sense of something kind of bizarre and creepy as I look for how complicated space can become before it seems like some abstract likeness of what is actually there.

  1. xixia said:

    Krys, this looks like an amazing project. I really like the name you gave it: “Fragments.” After looking at the pictures, this is a perfect name because through the reflections, one sees snippets of of an image (or several images!), and it’s really cool because I can choose to try to piece it together or just let it be. It’s definitely chaotic, but also complex with all the layers of images. Great job. 🙂
    ♥ xixia

  2. thanks for your constant sweet comments! and loving your black and white shots here!
    hope you have a nice day everyday!


    • Thank you so much for stopping by; I really enjoy your blog posts (:

  3. liesbethvv said:

    I love photography with glass and mirrors and these pictures are really well executed! ❤

  4. Chloe said:

    Krys! love the photos here. so beautiful! ❤


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