Here I Am

(Panoramic print, digital photography)

The heady mix of flowers, geometric lines, and a curved perimeter in my piece that I made last month can also, coincidentally, be found in the latest collection by the designers at Stolen Girlfriends Club (I love when things work out like this.) The New Zealand label is known for their merging of prints and styles and this collection entitled Hello Country/Goodbye Nightclub serves to showcase that. I’m not the biggest fan of this peplum style that’s emerged this summer (undoubtedly because it’s not a trend I can see myself wearing), but I can appreciate the label’s commitment to mixing that aesthetic with different textures, such as crocodile-embossed leather and crochet knits, and a bold floral print.

As for my panoramic print, I’m not quite sure if I’m more pleased with how it turned out or that I’ve actually finished it. Final products are a bit harder to reach during the summer, I suppose, when I don’t have the push of a deadline to force my hand. In turn I’m getting more sleep and for now that may be more important that a jump in work productivity.

(More images can be found here– the collection comes to stores in September.)

  1. xixia said:

    Oh, more sleep is always the way to go. Never knew how much I needed it until this summer. And ah, I actually really love the peplum style – I think the lines are great. ^^;
    This collection is really interesting – I love it when designers take one print or pattern and just play with different forms. It’s a great way to form a cohesive thread in their collection, as well as end up with solid products.

    ♥ xixia

    • It’s definitely one of those styles that I enjoy looking at and seeing how other people style it…it’s just not something that I’d probably wear or have in my own closet though. (:

  2. Great inspo! Thnx for your kind comment – sorry we couldn’t meet up when I was in NYC. Things got a little busy!


    • No worries, it sounds like you had a wonderful time on your trip, so I’m really glad to hear that (:

  3. Aww, that’s so nice – I love flower patterns. I’m looking forward to seeing more projects of this brand 😀

    Warm hugs,
    Joanna from THE VIOLIN STYLE

    PS. There’s a new look + GIVEAWAY 😀 on my blog – I’ll be glad if you take a look 🙂

    • Yesss, I’m glad people have pointed out the brand to me (:

  4. rooth said:

    I like your panorama print – it did turn out really well. And the perspective is really neat. The aisle of plants seems to stretch on into infinite.

    I’m not a huge floral print but I’m learning that it’s just because it needs to be paired correctly. I can definitely do the outfit in the middle

    • Thanks! Yeah, I agree about the print– I like to think I’m getting better at wearing them, although not quite bold enough yet to try floral on floral print, that’s for sure ^^

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