Chase the Morning

Car rides tend to make me very sleepy (or maybe it’s that I’m already tired when I get in the car), but then I realize that it’s a six hour trip today and I’m not driving, so it’ll be alright. Phantom released their debut mini-album over the weekend, although it’s a bit hard to consider them rookies when they’ve already come out with two singles, a handful of covers, and some collabs with their label mates. ‘Burning’ is a more commercial title song than other songs under their belt, but it’s pleasant to listen to nonetheless. It’s made it’s way onto my iPod and at some point this afternoon, Sanchez’s voice will likely lull me to sleep.

  1. Great song indeed, thanks for the tip! 🙂
    I like your blog.


  2. xixia said:

    Ooh, I’ve seen a few things about Phantom on allkpop, but I haven’t listened to them yet. am doing that now. Who’s your favorite k-pop artist?
    and hahah, I always fall dead asleep if the car trip is longer than an hour. XD

    • One time the car ride was like thirty minutes and I fell asleep– I must’ve been super tired. You have to let me know how you’re finding them! (I hope you like them?) Hmmm, I really like Super Junior, but it’s kind of complicated…more so in that I like their non-title tracks haha. XD

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