Four Old Men

Here’s the cover of a book I made by ways of citrasolve transfer and monoprinting. I don’t want to give away too much since it’s just a preview, but hopefully the image of these slightly cantankerous old Asian men will be enough to make you ponder just what kind of images and text I’ve arranged together!

There’s a lot of little design details that I put in that I hope will surprise you when I post the final product. The only problem is is that most of those details include folds and I’m not quite sure how to photograph it! If you have any tips for photographing books, please let me know– it’d be well appreciated. (:

  1. rooth said:

    Oh very nice, I’m intrigued now. Can’t wait to see the final product

  2. xixia said:

    Oh, this cover is wonderful. The relaxed way these men are photographed is so perfect. Will they be lifestyle pics? Hahah, it’s okay if you don’t wanna say – I’m excited to see more!
    And ahh…I officially adore Burning by Phantom. It’s so much more mellow than I expected – I really like songs like that. The vocals are beautiful. And I understand what you mean about SuJu!! “너라고” ( though I dunno if you consider that a non-title song ) was what made me like them, rather than their huge hits like “Sorry, Sorry.”

    • Welllll, I guess it contains things that could be considered lifestyle. But I’m glad you’re excited for it (and happy that you’re enjoying Phantom’s new song!) OH. I love that song of theirs. It easily is one of, if not, the best song they’ve ever promoted (personally, I consider it a follow-up song since it came off the repackaged album haha.) I mean “Sorry, Sorry” was definitely very catchy and very much what put them on the map, but yeah more R&B from them please!

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