Ready, Go

(Some essentials this semester– foreign policy texts, beginning chinese texts, new iPad case, moleskine planner.)

The other day I was at Costco and I was somewhat horrified to find that they were already starting to sell Christmas decorations– partly because it was still August at the time and partly because fall semester hasn’t started for me yet. It’s not even sweater-wearing time, although, when I was living in Perth, I came in possession of a wool sweater and my co-workers told me that if I could get through a summer’s day without taking it off, then I was truly assimilated to the Western Australian climate.

I do move back on campus on Monday though, where I suppose I will be safely tucked away from all things Christmas-y…until Halloween has past at least. Honestly, I wonder if I’ll even be coherent enough by the time December rolls around to take notice of everything being decked out; this semester I’m pushing myself a little bit more by taking an overload on my course load (four studios and two gen eds.)  All of it together could turn out to be complete insanity. At what point can you declare something crazy?

Here’s to September! I know I’m excited for it (:

  1. xixia said:

    Oh gosh, I haven’t seen any Christmas decorations being sold yet, but then, I haven’t really visited any of those big stores yet. It seems like it coming so soon!
    That’s really exciting that you’re going back on campus! I adore campus life. And heehee, I like your moleskine planner. 🙂
    Good luck on classes!

    • As long as it doesn’t snow in October again like it did last year…for once I’d like it to follow the song and have snow for Christmas. Yes! Being back at school is kind of crazy, but it’s fun nonetheless. Thank you!! (:

  2. Looks like you have the essentials all sorted! 🙂 Love the red moleskeine – wish I had got one instead of my boring black version.

    • Red or black, moleskines are just super lovely though…I’m glad I started using them again (:

  3. rooth said:

    CHRISTMAS?! Holy JEEZUS. I still can’t get over seeing Halloween stuff everywhere

    • I can’t get over it being September?? Or not summer actually.

  4. Anisa said:

    Christmas? WHAT!? What about Halloween? Haha just kidding, but oh gosh, that’s ridic. xx

    • I know right!! Totally insane…but then I went to Target and felt a little better because they only had Halloween things, haha.

  5. cavaan said:

    Christmas decorations really are in supermarkets for most of the year, I mean they don’t leave the sale shelves until the end of February and when we past the half way mark they roll back into stores *pulls out hair*. Maybe the Grinch could steal Christmas for a few more months of the year? But hahaha first world problems #586: Christmas decorations on shelves in September.

  6. We’ve had Christmas chocolate in the grocery store for a couple of weeks now and I totally agree it’s too early for it! They should at least wait until November… xx

    • As it’s gotten more into autumn, I’ve gradually gotten more used to it, but of course the amount of Christmas decor in stores has only gotten bigger since…they definitely should wait until November, mmm.

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