New Layout


(From a ‘Text in Our Environment’ assignment.)

Two weeks ago my friend Kathy and I were talking about our courses and subsequent artwork and our wishes to see each others’ work. Or rather how she wanted to see my work as the catalyst for the conversation had been my admiration of her cargo collective. Then, just last week, a few of my other friends expressed interest in what I’d been making (somewhere else I’m majoring in literature and no one is asking to see my papers), colliding somewhat with my interest in getting back to posting regularly again. One weekend, no parents, and several scrapped versions later, here’s a fresh layout for 2013 and a go at a logo!

I was contemplating making a look back on 2012 post but then realized that there wasn’t much that I would consider a highlight per say. I got a part-time job and finally started to learn Chinese. Some family that I hadn’t seen in five years showed up for Christmas. I TURNED TWENTY after spending the first half of fall semester flipping out any time one of my friends called me old, so there’s that. Otherwise I spent most of my time devoted to EXOOOO my coursework. It was a year for the books, quite literally.

  1. xixiaa said:

    Ooh, I like the new layout! Gotta love whitespace. (: And the logo is so clean and fresh – very fitting for you.
    Also, heehee, you like EXO? I adore them, though I listen to EXO-M more than I do EXO-K.

    ♥ x i x i a

    • Krys said:

      Thanks, I’m glad you like it! Haha yeah been with them since debut, but gosh do they need some new songs. (:

    • Krys said:

      Haha yeah, I am. Sometimes it’s all I listen to on weekends. I have to agree though – it can be both frustrating and fun but definitely intriguing! Happy new year again to you too! (:

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