Achille’s Heel


Have you ever tried something when you were younger, freaked out, and sworn it off, only to find out years later that it actually isn’t as bad as you thought? At the beginning of high school, I was the only first year student on the yearbook staff, thereby cementing any relevancy I had for the next four years, where I had my introduction to Adobe Creative Suite (in the days of CS2.) I loved learning how to use InDesign and enjoyed using Photoshop. Illustrator, on the other hand, was the program I actively avoided. I had tried it once on whim and, being utterly irritated dissatisfied with it, chose not to engage with it unless I absolutely was required to. It worked to a point, if only because out of the InDesign-Photoshop-Illustrator trifecta, it was the program given the least attention.

Fast forward to this past semester when one of my professors gave us a D.O.T. image translation assignment re: pick a famous work of art and translate it into a symbol ala the Department of Transportation. Result? Illustrator is not as bad a program as I thought it was. I might even like using it.

death of marat_2

And if you’re not entirely sure which painting that is supposed to represent (hint: it’s a famous piece of French propaganda), here are some views from the studies I made:

part two

part four

part three

I know. It looks like I got into a fight with Marat’s shoulder (and lost.) But, personally, I’m not in it for the shoulder – I’m in it for the nifty looking tub.

  1. rooth said:

    That’s so very cool – I particularly like all the different shades that you used

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