(Black/white 35mm film, MGIV Fiber Paper)

Looking ahead, the weather app on my phone claims that it’s going to snow again this weekend…which would be fine and dandy if 1) Nemo hadn’t happened at the beginning of the month and 2) the threat of snow hadn’t been a possibility every weekend since. I’ve found that ever since I stopped being on a ski team (and subsequently skiing regularly), the last dregs of winter have less appeal. Sam from Sam is Home often mentions her love of layering despite the often ridiculous heat in Hong Kong. As it turns out, although I also have a love of layering, that hasn’t stopped me from wearing some clothing (re: thin skirts and questionable shoes) truly not suited for New York winters – because dressing for the weather you want is the way to get that weather to happen, right?

All of the slush and snow has gotten me to try photographing indoors more though. In photo class this semester we’re still using 35mm film, but the move from 8 x 10 paper to 11 x 14 paper feels a little liberating, even if my exposures are clocking in at about 40-50 sec. So far I don’t have a complete focus for my photos, but I’m looking – at repetition, shadows, angles, things that make me so excited that I’m nervous to bring a print into class because I’m not sure if my classmates will understand why I like that particular print so much. As photographer Mark Steinmetz said in an interview, “You can’t be wishy-washy in your motivation…having an ability to focus and concentrate is necessary for making good [photographs.]” He was actually talking about his interest in portraiture, but those qualities seem important to the medium as a whole, no matter the subject matter.

Even if the photograph is of a bathroom.

  1. Joyti said:

    …a very beautiful bathroom.
    I rarely shoot anything outdoors, but I love the evenness of light (generally) in comparison with shooting indoors.

    • Krys said:

      I find shooting outdoors can be a lot more forgiving when I’m in the darkroom because of how much better the light can be…it makes me feel I should give it more of a go instead of shooting indoors all the time.

  2. Anisa said:

    Black and white DOES make everything look super deep and important 😉 x

    • Krys said:

      Even if it’s a photograph of a bathroom?? Haha.

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