Sunday dose of pomegranates and crisp, white suits:

Also Kim Woo Bin, fairly fresh off his run on drama School 2013.

I finished watching it a few weeks ago and even now, I still find traces of it in my thoughts. I think high school based dramas have gotten a revival in quality lately (see Shut Up: Flower Boy Band and Answer Me: 1997) in that they’re not being seen as just for the “younger set.” The way of the trade still lies in melodramas (because everyone loves a good chaebol drama with lots of wrist-grabbing), but there’s something extremely satisfying and poignant about these dramas that are as simple about hope and growing up. Those are themes that resonate with everyone – everyone goes through these motions of problems that won’t be magically solved, that may seem grand at the time but are really small in the grand scheme of life.

Nonetheless. Midterms start next week and while I’m not throwing myself straight into my Chinese studies, it’ll be okay – I have Girl Scout cookies and a nice, warm cup of tea.


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